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Noni Muso


Noni Muso is the new Urban Zulu music genre artist from the Garden Province of KwaZulu-Natal. As a self-taught versatile musician Noni writes, composes and sings all the songs in the soon to be released 10-track album. Bekezela, the first single released for airplay, like most of the songs on the album, is an inspired tune that draws its inspiration from various South African styles like Mbaqanga, Maskandi, Quite Storm and Jazz. In Bekezela, Noni takes the listener on an enchanted journey. Noni revisits the nostalgic sounds of Mbaqanga as made famous by the late Busi Mhlongo, one of her admired idols. The danceable, high tempo Bekezela is a fine composition that displays Noni’s unique vocal ability; anchored by a bellowing Bass Guitar, it contrasts beautifully with the full array of instruments arranged into a 4 minutes 16 seconds masterpiece.
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